Wild Energy

: Music Mike  

In the era of blnd generatons,
In cold hands of basc temptatons,
Under pressure of fake sensatons,
On the edge of stolen tme

We have lost ths feelng, of beng free,
We are longng for the wld energy.
Your heart s the only gude lght you need,
And t wll tell you, how to lve.

No you won't fall,
Cause you can fly,
If you go for my wld energy,
If you go for t,
If you go for t.
No you won't fall,
Don't even try,
When you go for my wld energy,
When you go for t,
When you go for t.

In the desert outsde of nowhere,
On the street of broken dreams,
You are fghtng over and over agan,
But t seems that you're alone.


You're feelng so low,
But you can't see,
You're ted to the cables
Of dark tranqulty.
They ask me to save you,
To take you Overground
To come here and tell you -
Don't be afrad of lfe.

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